Unveiling Alpina's Historic 140th Year Special Edition Watches

Unveiling Alpina's Historic 140th Year Special Edition Watches


  • Alpina marked its 140th anniversary by unveiling two remarkable timepieces housing the original hand-wound Calibre 490, dating back to 1938. These special edition watches celebrate the brand's rich heritage.
  • The brand's founders, 150 years ago, aspired to create high-quality, innovative watches. This mission was rooted in the desire to craft luxury timepieces known for their durability and resistance.
  • Both watch versions display hours, minutes, and small seconds, featuring the period Alpina logo, railroad minute scale, and an ostrich bracelet with ardillon buckle. Each version has its unique design, with differing dial colors, font styles, and sub-dial shapes.

For 140 years, Alpina has been synonymous with precision, quality, and enduring elegance, particularly in the realm of sportswatches. Throughout its rich history, the brand has skillfully blended innovation with tradition, etching its indelible mark on the horological landscape.

On this momentous anniversary, Alpina unveiled two exceptional timepieces housing the original hand-wound Calibre 490, a masterpiece from 1938. These Alpina special edition watches mark a new chapter in the brand's 140-year journey, underscoring its ability to draw from its storied heritage.

In homage to this legacy, Alpina introduced two contemporary versions, each featuring the advanced self-winding AL-530 mechanical calibre. The Alpiner Heritage Carrée Automatic 140 Years watches, with striking black or silver dials and small seconds, pay tribute to the Art Déco era. They are characterized by a minimalist rectangular case, 1930s-inspired sector dials, timeless Arabic numerals, elegant dauphine hands, and the iconic Alpina logo.

The History Behind the Alpina Limited Edition Watches

The History Behind the Alpina Limited Edition Watches

A century and a half ago, the founders of Alpina found themselves at a crossroads. These were navigating the emergence of wristwatches alongside their contemporaries. At the heart of their mission lay two important objectives:

  1. They aspired to bestow their timepieces with unparalleled quality, exemplifying the essence of luxury.
  2. Innovation was etched into their vision. Alpina aimed to craft watches renowned for their durability and resistance to the test of time.

Today, as they did over a century ago, Alpina has gracefully launched special edition timepieces that effortlessly blend luxury and innovation. These watches are equipped with self-winding movements, ensuring their precision and robustness align with modern standards. However, it's the meticulous detailing of the case and dials that elevates them, making a resounding statement of elegance in every facet.

The Alpina Heritage

While it's common for many fashion brands to draw inspiration from history, it's a rarity to find a watch brand that derives inspiration from its own storied past. Alpina's Alpiner Carrée Automatic watches, available with silver and black dials, seamlessly blend heritage with modernity.

Designed to cater to the demands of the contemporary world, these watches are suitable for both men and women. They maintain the perfect balance between functionality and elegance, boasting dimensions of 32.5 x 39 mm and a slim profile of just 9.71 mm. Crafted from stainless steel and featuring anti-reflective domed sapphire glass, the cases ensure both durability and clarity.

Beneath the surface, the self-winding mechanical AL-530 calibre stands as a testament to modern engineering. Designed and optimized for today's needs, it offers an open back and a power reserve of 38 hours, ensuring reliability in the age of innovation.

The Details

The Details

Two striking designs, equally powerful and one-of-a-kind, serve as a tribute to a bygone elegance that has now become a recognized standard, thanks in part to Alpina. This venerable Maison, founded in 1883 and celebrating 140 years, has played a role in this evolution.

Now let’s take a closer look at the two watches. Both timepieces display the hours, minutes, and small seconds. You can also find the period Alpina logo and railroad minute scale. They also feature an ostrich bracelet with ardillon buckle.

Despite these features, each version stands on its own. The black dial watch is decorated with full Arabic numbers with beige hands. It also has a small circular second sub-dial.

The silver dial watch has a composition that is completely opposite. Its dial is silver while the hands are black. The Arabic numerals feature a more geometric font that takes inspiration from the roaring 20s. Unlike its black counterpart, the second sub-dial here is square.

Key Takeaway

In commemorating its remarkable 140-year journey, Alpina has unveiled timepieces that epitomize the brand's unwavering commitment to precision, innovation, and timeless elegance. These timepieces pay homage to the brand’s storied heritage while embracing the demands of today's world. Through these watches, they invite enthusiasts to embark on a horological journey that melds tradition and innovation, cementing the brand's enduring legacy in the world of fine watchmaking.

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