7 Calvin Klein Watches Inspired by BTS

7 Calvin Klein Watches Inspired by BTS


  • BTS, the global K-pop sensation, has not only made a mark in music but has also influenced the fashion world.
  • There are many Calvin Klein watches that can be associated with each BTS member inspired by BTS members. These timepieces reflect their unique personalities.

K-pop's influence extends far beyond music, leaving an indelible mark on the fashion world. At the forefront of this cultural revolution is the sensational boy group BTS, whose music and style have captured hearts worldwide. Beyond their captivating music and dazzling red-carpet appearances, one accessory stands out to their devoted ARMY: their watches.

In this article, we embark on a stylish journey into the world of Calvin Klein's watches inspired by BTS. Each is intricately designed to mirror the unique personalities of BTS members. Join us as we explore the perfect timepieces that harmonize with the distinct character of each artist.


Jeon Jungkook, often referred to as the "golden maknae," shines as BTS's main vocalist. In 2023, he achieved global recognition as an ambassador for both Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Underwear, adding fashion influencers to his list of accolades.

On stage, Jungkook's melodious voice captures hearts worldwide, effortlessly hitting every note. His spontaneous a cappella performances never fail to thrill fans, demonstrating his vocal versatility. He's not just a vocal powerhouse; Jungkook is also a remarkable dancer, often taking the spotlight with captivating dance solos at concerts and festivals.

When it comes to fashion and accessories, Jungkook's style reflects his multifaceted personality. He frequently sports two-tone watches, symbolizing his playful interactions with his hyungs (older bandmates) and the fierce energy he brings to the stage. In Calvin Klein's collection, the Men's Two-Tone Watch perfectly complements his dynamic character—a reliable companion for his spirited pursuits.


Calvin Klein’s Men's Leather Watch

It’s no secret to fans that BTS’ leader Kim Namjoon, or “RM”, has a distinct taste when it comes to watches. He's frequently seen donning either leather-strapped or silver-chained timepieces. Fans catch glimpses of his watch choices during his spontaneous live studio sessions or in his Instagram photos.

RM's style exudes sophistication and elegance, perfectly embodied by Calvin Klein’s Men's Leather Watch. This watch boasts clean lines and a minimalist design, aligning seamlessly with his persona and reflecting his unique individuality.

Fans can easily imagine RM wearing this timepiece while delivering important speeches to government organizations, exploring museums, or even while creating music at Rkive, the affectionate name he gives to his personal studio.


As the "worldwide handsome" member of BTS, Jin exudes a blend of confidence and humor, and this unique charisma is reflected in his fashion choices, which tend to carry a touch of quirkiness. What truly sets him apart is his unapologetic love for the color pink. You might know him best for hitting those high notes with his signature pink microphone, and this affection for pink extends to his sense of style.

If you adore Jin as much as he adores himself, you can embrace his love for pink with the Calvin Klein Unisex Steel Watch. This timepiece features a blush-colored dial, a subtle yet stylish nod to the World Wide Handsome that's sure to sync effortlessly with your own sense of fashion.


Calvin Klein's Unisex Steel Watch

Suga may come across as calm and reserved, but to their ARMY, he's an essential member of the group, producing some of BTS's finest songs. Even when playfully teased as the "tangerine orange" or likened to a cat, he maintains an unwavering and determined demeanor.

This BTS member is often spotted wearing timeless silver pieces, whether it's at the airport or during the group's renowned variety show, "Run BTS." His style is characterized by its simplicity and elegance, occasionally surprising fans with avant-garde choices on stage while preserving a sense of timelessness and refinement.

Much like Suga, you can capture that same sense of timeless elegance with Calvin Klein's Unisex Steel Watch. This timepiece perfectly complements his emphasis on functionality and comfort when it comes to selecting a watch.


“I’m your hope. You’re my hope. I’m J-Hope!” The group’s dance leader is a literal ball of sunshine wherever he goes. Whether it be on stage or on a talk show, J-Hope oozes optimism and confidence in what he does.

Among all the members, he experiments the most with his fashion choices. When he opened his Instagram account back in 2022, this K-pop idol proudly posted his OOTD on Polaroids.

To match his eccentric style, go for the Calvin Klein Men’s steel watch. The gold timepiece features a green dial, making it stand out from other watches in the brand.


Men’s Leather Watch

Known for his distinctive singing voice, Jimin is often described by fans as the shy yet unexpectedly witty member of BTS. He has a knack for making his fellow members laugh at the most unexpected moments. However, when it's time to perform, he effortlessly shines as one of the best contemporary dancers in the group.

Jimin frequently sports leather-strapped watches on casual days out or during his live sessions. These watches strike a delicate balance between simplicity and grandeur, just like the man himself.

For those who admire Jimin's style, the ideal Calvin Klein watch choice is the Men’s Leather Watch with a brown leather strap and a stylish blue dial. This timepiece is celebrated for its understated elegance.


Last but certainly not least is Kim Taehyung, better known by his stage name, "V". As one of the group's main visuals, he undoubtedly captures the spotlight. Yet, to fans, he is more than just his striking good looks. V possesses a distinct and artistic character, coupled with a delightfully quirky sense of humor.

For a member whose style thrives on non-traditional and artistic designs, watches like the Calvin Klein Men's Leather Watch are a perfect fit. These timepieces exude a sense of playfulness, making them excellent conversation starters and a true reflection of V's eccentric personality.

Key Takeaway

This piece is dedicated to this group’s most cherished ARMY, who are on the lookout for Calvin Klein watches inspired by BTS. The watches featured in this article exude not only the group member but also their personality and style. have become a symbol of both style and versatility.

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