Top 5 Features of the Alpina Startimer Watch Series

The Alpina Startimer series is a collection of aviation-inspired timepieces that blend classic design with modern functionality. Here are the top 5 features that make these watches stand out:

  1. Aviation-Inspired Design
    The Startimer collection pays homage to Alpina’s long history of producing pilot watches since the 1920s. These timepieces feature clean, legible dials enhanced by traditional oversized crowns, a hallmark of aviation watches. The design includes luminescent hour markers and Arabic numerals, ensuring excellent readability in various lighting conditions, which is crucial for pilots and watch enthusiasts alike.

  2. Swiss-Made Quality
    Alpina, founded in 1883, is a fine watchmaking manufacturer based in Geneva, Switzerland. The Startimer series benefits from this rich heritage and Swiss watchmaking expertise. Each watch is marked with “Swiss Made” at the traditional six o’clock position, guaranteeing the high quality and precision associated with Swiss timepieces.

  3. Versatile Case Sizes
    The Startimer series caters to different wrist sizes and preferences. While some models, like the Startimer Pilot Automatic, come in a robust 41mm case size, others, such as the Startimer Pilot Heritage, offer a more modest 42mm width. This variety ensures that there’s a Startimer watch suitable for various wrist sizes and style preferences.

  4. Advanced Movements
    Alpina equips the Startimer series with both quartz and automatic movements, catering to different user preferences. For instance, the Startimer Pilot Heritage features the AL-555 movement, a Sellita-derived automatic caliber with an independently adjustable local hour hand, ideal for travelers. Some models even boast in-house manufactured movements, showcasing Alpina’s watchmaking prowess.

  5. Functional Complications
    The Startimer collection offers various complications to enhance functionality. Notable among these is the GMT feature in models like the Startimer Pilot Heritage, allowing users to track multiple time zones. Additionally, some models in the series feature a big date function, adding to the watch’s practicality and readability.

The Alpina Startimer series combines the brand’s aviation heritage with modern watchmaking techniques, resulting in a collection of timepieces that are both functional and stylish. Whether you’re a pilot, a watch enthusiast, or someone who appreciates well-crafted timepieces, the Startimer series offers something for everyone.

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