New from Alpina: The Alpiner Extreme Watches

New from Alpina: The Alpiner Extreme Watches


  • Alpina celebrates its 140th anniversary with the groundbreaking Alpiner Extreme Watches collection, emphasizing precision, durability, and innovation.
  • The collection introduces four remarkable models with integrated steel straps, offering a blend of style, resilience, and comfort.
  • Alpiner Extreme Watches feature a striking dial design, robust stainless-steel cases, and precise movements, making them ideal companions for adventurers and watch enthusiasts.

Extreme sports enthusiasts are all about pushing boundaries — constantly testing limits, seeking thrilling experiences, and setting new bars and adventure standards. Whether you are to descend towering cliffs, conquer raging white water rapids, or endure grueling endurance events, thrill-seekers like yourself are always in pursuit of their next rush, spanning land, water, and air.

For almost 140 years, Alpina has equipped adventure enthusiasts with durable and precise timepieces that can withstand the same challenging conditions as their wearers. With a rich heritage as the first creator of waterproof and shock-resistant sports watches, Alpina Extreme Watches truly grasps the requirements of an adventurous way of life.

The Alpiner Extreme Range

Alpina introduces four remarkable models as part of the Alpiner Extreme range. Each watch showcases the perfect harmony between technology and design, catering to individuals seeking exceptional timepieces that can withstand extreme conditions.

Alpiner Extreme Automatic

 Alpiner Extreme Automatic

The Extreme Automatic watch from Alpina is a true game-changer in wristwatch design as it introduces an integrated steel strap for the first time setting a new standard in functionality and style.

This innovative strap features transverse and slimmer links, ensuring flexibility and unmatched comfort on the wrist. The brushed finish also adds a touch of sophistication and enhances its durability to withstand the most demanding environments.

The Alpiner Extreme Automatic watch captures elegance and resilience in its design, choosing between a striking grey or navy blue dial. The bold color options also make a statement, while the overall aesthetic exudes luxury and sophistication. These watches symbolize strength and endurance, perfectly suited for individuals who value exceptional craftsmanship and robust timepieces.

Alpiner Extreme Automatic Regulator

Alpiner Extreme Automatic Regulator

Designed for those with a discerning taste for distinctive timekeeping, this watch offers a unique layout with three counters for hours, seconds, and minutes. This regulator-style configuration adds an intriguing visual element to the dial and ensures precise timekeeping.

Continuing the trend set by its predecessor, the Alpiner Extreme Automatic Regulator also features an integrated steel strap that guarantees maximum comfort and durability. The strap seamlessly blends with the case, creating a cohesive and sleek aesthetic.

The captivating black dial of the Alpiner Extreme Automatic Regulator exudes a sense of sophistication and modernity. Its clean design and bold hour markers make for effortless readability, while the red accents add a touch of dynamism to the overall aesthetic.

Introducing the Integrated Steel Strap

Introducing the Integrated Steel Strap

The Alpiner Extreme line comes equipped with specially crafted integrated steel straps, characterized by a unique design that serves a dual purpose. Notably, it eliminates the first link in the strap, contributing to a sleek overall appearance of the watch case.

Recognizing the strap's exposure to the rigors of extreme conditions, Alpina has equipped it with a brushed finish. This thoughtful design element serves a practical function by effectively concealing any potential scratches, preserving the watch's appearance even in challenging environments.

Beyond durability, these timepieces are designed with both elegance and comfort in mind. Their gentle curves naturally conform to the wrist, ensuring a comfortable fit that lasts through your most demanding adventures. Additionally, the watches prioritize practicality and ease of use, allowing for effortless reading of the seconds, whether scanning from left to right or top to bottom. This user-friendly feature enhances the overall experience of timekeeping.

Alpina’s Iconic Triangle

Alpina proudly showcases its signature triangular motif on the Alpiner Extreme line's dial, drawing inspiration from its logo. This iconic design element adds a touch of uniqueness to the timepiece.

The regulator and three-hand versions of the Alpiner Extreme feature luminous applique hour markers and hands, ensuring optimal visibility even in low-light conditions. The Automatic model exclusively includes a date indicator positioned at 3 o'clock, while the Automatic Regulator takes a bold approach by adopting a distinctive layout with three counters.

Alpina's commitment to preserving its recognizable branding and incorporating it into the design elements of the Alpiner Extreme line exemplifies the brand's attention to detail and dedication to creating stylish and functional timepieces. Whether you prefer the traditional three-hand or the innovative regulator version, each watch in the Alpiner Extreme collection delivers a contemporary and visually pleasing experience for watch enthusiasts.

Key Takeaway

Discover the Alpiner collection's enduring commitment to durability as Alpina Extreme Watches consistently redefines the boundaries of technology, empowering thrill-seekers to conquer new frontiers, shatter records, and triumph over the impossible.

Add an Alpiner Extreme watch to your collection to add a unique dimension of possibility to every adventure. Embrace Alpina's pioneering legacy and embark on your journey with unrivaled confidence only here at The Watch Store. Contact us today!

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